Drivers Ed



Traditional Driver Education is Only a Part of the Learning Process

Even in states that require driver education, parents are responsible for approximately 90% of the behind-the-wheel practice time. We give you a plan that will help make it safer, less stressful, and more effective.  A relaxed and confident instructor (YOU!) will produce a relaxed and capable student.

Learning to Drive Means More Than Just Controlling the Car

Our course will help you develop your teen’s:

Here’s What We Know is a team of driver education professionals with nearly 130 years of combined experience teaching teenagers to drive.  We understand that you may be unsure where to start. We’ve seen many well meaning parents take unnecessary risks while instilling less-than-ideal driving habits. KEYPLEASE, our step-by-step program, will make your time on the road together a more pleasant and rewarding experience!

To begin the course:

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